Before delving into the development process it is important to understand what is currently going on in East Harlem. At present, East Harlem is being rezoned to allow for 30 story towers. Click here for more information. The map below, highlighting the boundaries of Manhattan Community District 11 in which East Harlem resides, depicts the expected development pipeline in the coming years. Hover over the     icon for a closer look at these new developments. 


The following breakdown of demographics within East Harlem demonstrates the need for both economic opportunities and deep affordability in housing. Any new development, including the proposed Harlem African Burial Ground Memorial and Mixed Use Project site, need to address these issues and preserve the rich diversity of the neighborhood.


The Harlem African Burial Ground Task Force is a group of concerned citizens who have united to help the Elmendorf Reformed Church to restore and memorialize its historically and culturally significant colonial African burial ground at 1st Avenue, between 126th and 127th Streets in East Harlem, New York City.